Building wellbeing, one conversation at a time.

We understand that every situation, person and care facility has different requirements and needs, therefore, we offer our products to be enjoyed as a complete kit, or you can simply use what you feel will work best for you.

Below is a breakdown of our products for your information and you can purchase by simply clicking on view packages at any point below.  


Our Products

It’s a visual stimulating way to promote conversation, promote reminiscence and allowing somebody, giving somebody something tangible, you know, to allow them to communicate to the best of their abilities.
— Volunteer - Dementia Services Group

Creating Conversations Tablecloth - Outdoors Themed  

Our tablecloth was developed following many years experience working in the field of dementia and is now proving to be an indispensable tool for any environment, in particular when caring for people living with dementia.  

The images naturally prompt conversation and engagement and can be used on a one to one basis or within a group environment where the laying of the table to commence each session becoming a familiar prompt.  

The tablecloth is one of our most popular products helping break the barriers of communication whilst promoting stimulation, reminiscence of personal histories and reducing feelings of isolation.    

The tablecloth can be purchased separately or part of a package.  Click below to view packages available. 


The whole family found the cards easy to use and definitely helped in making it easier to communicate with Mum. She loved looking at the pictures and the dolly pegs reminded her of washing days years ago
— A Thompson - Carer

Creating Conversations Cards - Outdoors & Gardening 

A perfect addition to use alongside the tablecloth or these conversation cards can be used on there own to spark engaging stories, communication and enhance conversations.

With a simple set of instructions, you can use this versatile pack of 30 cards in many ways.

On one side is a series of discussion topics to allow conversations to easily flow. This can be anything from a quick conversation in between caring activities, for making choices about activities or for a more stimulating conversation and reminiscence over a cup of tea.

On the other side of each card are beautiful hand-drawn images for sorting, matching games and sharing or even tracing and copying for those more creative.  These cards are a great product to have whether you are a professional carer to using when visiting relatives.

The cards can be bought seperately or as part of a package.


The tablecloth is lovely and has sparked many memories which we have shared. Each session is set out in the user guide with clear, easy to follow suggestions on how to lead the activities. Our service users particularly enjoyed reminiscing about their own gardens and getting involved in planting and watching their flowers grow.

We would happily recommend this product as an addition to any care home activity programme.
— Group Leader

Creating Conversations Activities Handbook

The activities handbook provides caregivers with a complete source of conversation starters, easy to follow guides and lots of activity ideas for sessions around a number of topics.   The handbook has been designed for use with the tablecloth and conversation cards as a complete kit.

Whether you are the most experienced facilitator or a new volunteer the Creating Conversations Activities Handbook is perfect for any level of experience or skill set as it helps by providing you with the necessary tools to communicate easily and effectively, whilst providing supportive interaction and stimulating activities to people in their care.

The handbook provides months of activities and project ideas in one place, saving you valuable time on researching and sourcing new activity ideas - its all there for you.  All topics are around familiar themes, making it enjoyable, easy, fun and person centred. 

By simply using the materials provided and following the conversation starters and activity guides this kit supports both the carer and the participant.

Evidence based with results to show a positive impact on environments and the wellbeing of participants when using the kit.




The kit has the potential to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, affirm identities, support positive social connections as evidenced through the observations.
— Dr Jane Robertson, Dementia Studies at University of Stirling

Designed Activity Templates


There are 6 different designed templates that can be used at anytime and anywhere, however, they do work best in conjunction with the tablecloth and conversation cards. These popular templates can be enjoyed in many ways; colouring in, drawing on, adding pictures, making a collage or reminiscing about self experiences and personal histories through creative expression to name a few.  

Templates available are: 

  • The washing line
  • The Garden Shed
  • Robin 
  • Butterflies
  • Flowers
  • Roses

It’s nice to have the extra support and ideas if we needed it. The products are very easy to use and I am still amazed at the positive impact this has had with our groups so far. Thank you.
— Activity Leader - Care Home Group

Aftercare, support and community hub

Every client, care environment, family and participant is different, therefore Creating Conversations offers a bespoke service to suit everyone's independent needs and requirements.  Whether you are using the tablecloth to spark conversation or working with the complete kit, there is always someone at hand to assist with any queries or questions you may have. 

There is a community hub and online activity platform for anyone wishing to use the complete kit.  This offers further resources, lots of new activities, links to support sights, downloads and more.  This enhances the experience of the full kit and saves you valuable time on preperation as everything is in one place.