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        Building wellbeing, one conversation at a time.

This has helped break the barriers to conversation,
in particular individuals living with dementia.
— NHS Forth Valley
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Often the best conversations
are those that ‘just start’ and this allows that to happen.
— Town Break, Dementia Support Services


Breaking The Barriers To Conversation

Communication and interaction can become one of the biggest hurdles when caring for a person, especially if they have a diagnosis of dementia.  

There is evidence to show that 'Creating Conversations' gives caregivers the tools to communicate easily, and effectively, whilst providing supportive interaction and stimulating activities to people in their care.  

By simply using the materials provided and following the conversation starter guides our kits encourage discussion and strengthen connections among staff, participants, family members and friends.


      The kit has the potential to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, affirm identities, support positive social connections as evidenced through the observations.
      — Dr Jane Robertson, Dementia Studies at University of Stirling

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