Practical activity based solutions for carers and people living with dementia

Activity session taking place at Town Break Day Club - Stirling 

Activity session taking place at Town Break Day Club - Stirling 

The activity kit has been carefully designed to transform the care environment into a stimulating social space, allowing participants to be involved from the outset in a way that feels comfortable to them.   

Our activity kit has been rigorously trialled in NHS wards, care homes and community groups, including an evaluation project with researchers from the Dementia and Social Gerontology Research Group within the University of Stirling with very positive results.

You will find many ways to give creative opportunities to the people you care for by using our step by step guide and resources. which is suitable for either the most experienced activity leader to a new care giver.



"The Creating Conversations activity kit does exactly what it says and in my opinion has engaged people who have previously been a bit more challenging to encourage to participate in an activity.  Just laying out the tablecloth seems to have an effect on some who walk around with intent and don't usually stop, or if they do they don't usually stay any length of time during activities, which is OK too as the end result is not as important to me as much as the participation is.

Some appear very inquisitive and edge up to see what is going on and before you know it they have sat down and picked up cards.  With others you momentarily feel a sense of them recognising what they are looking at when they see a familiar object.  Some who are usually non communicative, have come out with the name of the object either on the cloth or the cards and motion to you to tell you what it is as they recall; some have actually spoken in sentences very briefly but to me they are living in the moment and back to who they were before their dementia progressed to where they are now, albeit for a moment. The templates that I have downloaded many times have an instant therapeutic effect on some reluctant to participate residents. So to conclude, I personally am delighted with this product and use it at frequently in between other things that we do and I would and will recommend it to my fellow activities coordinators when we meet up."

Activities Coordinator - HC-One Care Homes